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What is UX & UI Design?

UX & UI Design Overview

What is UX & UI Design? Due to the increase in websites and apps online, the competition is booming nowadays. If you are an online business owner, it is essential to have your website or app designed correctly. The design will have a great impact on how your visitors will interact with your website and/or app. If you want to get your website or app designed perfectly, then you need to hire an experienced and skilled web designer. Hiring a skilled & experienced web designer is an investment for your online business because it will help to interact with your visitors.To deliver the correct usability and the best experience to the visitors, it essential to consider both: UX and UI design properly. When it comes to website or app designing, UX and UI design both go hand-in-hand. In the absence of any design type, you won’t be able to deliver proper usability and experience to the user.

UX & UI design are the two most confusing terms. People often use these two terms with the same meaning. This article will help you understand the differentiation between UX & UI design. Before we get into the differentiation between UX & UI design, let’s first understand the basic meaning.

What is UX Design?

The “UX” in the UX design means user experience. User experience is the most crucial factor the app/web designer has to consider. Providing a great user experience is not just crucial for websites and apps, but it is also crucial for different products. User experience design means creating a product that provides meaningful, relevant, and hassle-free user experience.

The process of user experience design includes designing the process of curating the product with the consideration of factors like branding, design, functions, usability, etc. The main motive of user experience design is to improve customers’ satisfaction and loyalty by increasing usability, interaction throughout the process, and ease of usage.

When we talk about UX design, it is not just about online websites and applications. It can be applied to anything like cars, street lamps, etc. Though it is a scientific term and it can be applied to anything, but it is mainly within the digital field.

The task of UX designers is not just to create usable products, but they focus on creating products that deliver a great experience to the users. Delivering a great user experience means delivering the experience of fun, pleasure, and efficiency. Seven main factors that impact user experience are Usefulness, Usability, Value, Accessibility, Findability, Credibility, and Desire.

In short, the product designed by the UX designer must be user-centric and it must be providing a great experience to the users. As a UX designer, you need to have a good knowledge of cognitive science and psychology.

What is UI Design?

People often get confused between UX & UI design and they use these two terms with the same meaning. As we have seen, the UX (User experience) design is focused on delivering a great experience, but the UI (User interface) design is focused on looks and styles of interfaces in digital devices.

Through UI design, designers focus on creating designs that users find easy and hassle-free to use. Basically, UI designing is part of UX designing. People often confuse User interface design with User experience design, it is because the motive of both is to deliver a great user experience and usability.

If we talk about UI design, it is about the focus on the surface and overall feel of the design, while UX design’s entire focus is on the overall user experience.

There are numerous things a UI designer keeps in mind before designing. The UI designer has to maintain high discoverability, make the interface clean & simple, design the interface that grabs attention (by playing with font sizes, bold/italics, capitals, etc.), make the use of reusable design patterns, and there are so many other factors the designer has to keep in mind.

What’s the Difference Between UX & UI Design?

You will understand the concepts of UX (User experience) and UI (User interface) design more clearly by understanding the major differences between them. Here are some points describing the difference between UX & UI design:

•    First of all, UI is built of different components that make the users interact with your products or service, while, UX means the entire experience of the users after interacting with your products or services.

•    User experience designer focuses on delivering the great experience and solving the problem of a user, on the other hand, UI designer focuses on the product’s look, surfaces, and function.

•    The UX designer just focuses on providing the best user experience, the UI designer focuses on structuring the layout, function, and look in such a manner that it can deliver the best experience.

•    UX is concerned about the user and their journey through the product, but UI is concerned about the product, layout, color, and interface.

•    Through better UX design, you can help users to accomplish their goals, while through better UI design, you can make emotional connections with the users.

•    While building a product or application, UX design and research is the first step. It includes researching so that you can have proper ideas and guide in the development of the product. After the UX design and research process gets completed, then the UI designer works on visual design and micro-interactions.

•    In short, UX design is done to help users accomplish their goals across the platform, while UI design makes the platform interface compelling and pleasing so that the user experience can be improved.

If you are planning to develop your website, app, or any other type of digital product for your business, you must hire a UX and UI designer. If you want to hire a skilled and experienced web designer, we are the right choice. We have a team of experienced UX/UI designers that can help you achieve your website/app designing goals.


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