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Basketball Training Programs In NYC

Project Information

The Client

Swish City NYC provides basketball training for the youth in Queens, NY. Their main focus is to take every player’s area of growth and turn it into an overall strength. Their passion and dedication to every players success is top priority. They believe that with perseverance and consistency every player will experience results.

The Goal

Swish City NYC wanted a website where their potential players can go to and schedule themselves for a training session. They wanted to make sure that the site had the proper information that would answer any questions that their  potential clients might have. They also wanted a lot of visuals on the site as far as, videos and images that represented their business and brand. 


After going over Swish City NYC’s goals for the site we designed and developed an easy way for their player to get to the registration form quickly while also providing them the necessary information they would need to know before booking their sessions. We helped them put together an intro video where people can check out the trainings that they provide for their clients. The Swish City NYC team was a pleasure to work with and made it so easy to create a website that they loved and got them results right away. After just one week of launching the site Swish City NYC received over 20 inquires from their local area. 

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